Monday, August 25, 2014

Scratching the surface

Things around here have been rather interesting. At first things were pretty boring, but then some things happened that really shook up our world. The end result of those thing was finally getting some answers to our daughter B's allergies and eczema. 

She has been battling eczema for awhile now. Most people don't realize how serious of a condition this can be. It's not just dry skin. Especially not for her. Her whole entire body is covered in this itchy scaly rash. She can't sleep through the night and she spends most of her day scratching. This is not a put some lotion on it kind of situation. 

We realize that her eczema is wrapped up in all her food allergies and sensitivities, so we scheduled an appointment with a naturopathic allergist. 

 After meeting with the allergist we found out her allergies are even more severe than we thought. She is allergic to:


Bell Peppers
All beans and legumes 
Tree nuts 
All animal dairy 
Goji berries
Cacoa beans (chocolate)

Yes you read that list correctly. Yes it is A LOT. This means that we have been unknowingly giving her an allergic reaction at every meal. But we know that we will get through this and she will be healed. 

At the allergist there was a sign up that said: 

"We don't believe in miracles, we rely upon them"

We wholeheartedly agree! 

Since seeing the allergist we already are seeing some changes in her. She is taking probiotics twice a day, as well as some homeopathic medicines. We are also giving her fish bone broth, and will begin giving her aloe. 

This change has also caused us to expand our diet from being mostly vegetarian, with some fish, to adding in poultry. But I will share more about that another day. 

Do you or someone you love suffer from allergies or eczema? How do you handle it?

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