Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Herbarium

Something you may not know about me, is that I am a budding herbalist. When ever something happens around my house my first response is, "I have an herb for that!"

I have high hopes of becoming a master herbalist one day, but right now my family keeps me pretty busy.

So when I learned about the Herbal Academy of New England and their Herbarium membership program, I was over the moon!

The HANE Herbarium is a subscription based website that has an amazing monograph database! Just search the issue you are having or the herb you are wanting to learn more about and there it is! There is so much information, with just this feature, that I see this being an invaluable resource to me.

In addition to the monograph database there is also access to articles, media, podcasts, and videos! This site is perfect for beginning and experience herbalists a like. 

With new content being added monthly, there will always be something more to learn. 
For me, this is really great because it makes it really convenient to learn about different herbs that would be a benefit to my family, on my own schedule. 

Another great feature of the Herbarium is the forum! There is a great community of people all ready to share their knowledge and love of all things herbal. Sometimes being into herbalism and more natural things can leave me feeling a bit lonely. So having access to others who are sharing a similar journey is a really great added bonus! 

I highly recommend the Herbarium membership to anyone who is interested in herbs or herbalism. A yearly membership is only $45 and TOTALLY worth it! Membership also gives you access to ebooks, a 10% discount on HANE classes, and  discount on both Essential Herbal and Natural Herbal magazines! 

Just head on over to the Hebarium to get signed up!

*** Disclaimer: I was given a years subscription to the Herbarium in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and I would be sharing even if I didn't get it for free! It's just that awesome!***