Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Homemade infant gas relief

The other night I woke up to my poor baby's screams of gas pain. It was horrible watching him cry and wiggle around in pain.

I tried burping him, bouncing him, rocking him, and even rubbing his tummy. All to no avail.

Finally he let out a hearty burp, passed some wind from the other end, and fell back asleep.

I then began wracking my brain for ways to help him for the future. In the past I've used store bought infant gas drops, but the ingredients leave me feeling rather uncomfortable.

I had heard of fennel being an excellent gas reliever but that isn't an herb I have around much. Then I remembered I had purchased some fennel seeds to make sausage patties! (recipe coming soon)

So the following night when my little guy started to have the same issue I sent my hubby to the kitchen while I rocked and swayed.

After a few minutes he appeared with the liquid gold! Fennel seed tea.

I gave my little guy a bottle with a little of the tea. When he finished it he let out a burp and fell right to sleep! Our prayers had been answered!!!

Now I'm determined  not be with out this tummy calming herb! I'm making a tincture of it to keep on hand for quick fixes, but I will also be sure to have some seeds handy for when sipping on tea might be a preferred option.

For the tea: I recommend about a teaspoon of seeds per cup of water. 
Crush the seeds then steep for about 10 minutes. 
I would then give an older baby maybe a quarter cup of tea. 
For a young baby I would use a dropper and give about a tablespoon.

For the tincture: I recommend making a 2 ounce bottle. 
That mix would be 60% glycerin to 40% water and use up to 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds. 
Place the water, glycerin, and seeds in a a glass jar. 
Seal the jar and place in a large pot filled with water almost to the top of the jar but not covering the jar or touching the lid. 
Then place the pot on the stove to simmer for 2-3 hours. 
Strain out the herbs with a tight-weave cloth (clean old t-shirts are perfect). 
Store in a tincture bottle and give 2-3 drops as needed.

This is a super simple, and quick, way to help alleviate gas in a baby, child, or adult and it's way better for you that most commercial gas relievers!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor! I'm just a momma passing on what I do for my own family. This is not medical advice.**

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