About Us

Welcome to For His Glory Homestead!

We are a family heading for a big adventure! Currently we live in a pretty big city, with dreams of living in the country. We have a backyard that we share (which means no planting and no animals) but we're determined to make the best out of what we have until we get more. We are praying and waiting for the green light from the Father to move. So we've decided to document our efforts to learn and grow as we bloom where we are planted.

The desire to live a slower paced life wasn't something we've always wanted. But as our family has grown we've seen that city life just really isn't for us. Although as a child some of my fondest memories were going to North Carolina and visiting my Uncle Dave's farm. When I was a little girl having a farm seemed like the perfect thing. But then big city life drowned out that vision. Until the Lord revitalized it.

Now me and my Farmer-man are seeking to live a much simpler quiet life, where we can teach our children about what's really important in life. So throw on some boots and come along with us as we go from city slickers to farmers!


  1. Praise God! it's nice to see an African American family joining the homestead movement. I too am eager to live a more simpler life and was introduced to kombucha through my mentor. I am African and my husband is Irish, we have six children and are currently living in the city. I love everything and anything that has to do with farming-- may the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you guys and your endeavors to his glory alone! Amen!

  2. Love your vision. We are working on the same plan and hope to have our homestead in NC later this year. Continued blessings...

  3. How beautiful is your home and family. I am very much aspiring the same lifestyle for my little family and we are starting off very small on 600m2 minus our little house. One day we will find the lot of our dreams and live liberty to its fullest. God bless you, you are truly inspirational. Kindest regards from down under. K

  4. I am a homesteader at heart dwelling in the middle of a city... *sigh,* but I can rejoice with you and your beautiful family! This is a lovely site, and I love the chicken buttons!!!