Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kombucha! Part 1

I am so excited to be writing this post. A few months ago I learned about this wonderful health elixir, called Kombucha. Yes I am a little late to the party, but hey at least I showed up!

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is made with a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). It's kind of similar to milk/water kefir. Only I killed my water kefir lol. So far  kombucha has proven to be easier and tastier so I am very excited.

When I first started learning about kombucha I was looking into buying a scoby. But they can be a bit pricey. Then I found some websites that talk about growing your own scoby! So I quickly headed to my local whole foods and found the most filamenty bottle of kombucha I could.

I drank half the bottle and used the other half to start my mother, who we affectionately call Roscoby. ;o)

I added the half bottle of kombucha (about a cup), and all the filament, to a cup of black tea with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Then I let it sit for a week. After a week a baby scoby had formed on the surface of my jar. It could take longer depending on the location you store it, so just keep checking it.  If it takes longer don't worry. Just be on look out for mold. In which case throw everything away and start over. 

Once I had a baby scoby covering the top layer, that was about 1/8th of an inch thick, I convinced my hubby to go buy a gallon size jar of pickles so I could move on to step two. Once all the pickles were gone I made about a quart of tea, with 1/3 of a cup of sugar, and added  that along with my baby scoby and the liquid to the gallon size jar 

Then I waited.... Part 2 is coming :o)

Have you tried kombucha? Do you like it?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Being Happy with What You've Got

I came across the above quote as I was browsing around on pinterest and it really resonated with me. I have been so guilty in the past of feeling glum about what was in front of me. I'm a dreamer and I'm always searching for the next great thing. But lately I have been seeing the beauty in being content with what you've got and where you're at. 

We went away for a week on a camping trip to celebrate Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. During that trip Abba really worked on my heart and helped me to see that He has not called me to an arrival point but to a journey. I came back fully recharged and ready to embrace what ever it is He has for me. 

Thankfully my husband and I are on the same page! HalleluYah! So now we are working together to live the life that we believed we were created for. Living to serve and bless the Father and His people. Our goal in life is to live as naturally as we can and to be fully available to do the will of our Abba. We also have the goal to seek the ancient paths. To go back to the ways of out forefathers. We are in the process of adopting a more natural way of living, eating, and healing. 

It's not always easy but we are learning to enjoy the journey. After all "the grass is greener where you water it". 

But godliness with contentment is great gain. -1 Timothy 6:6