Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kombucha! Part 2

Ok so now that my scoby was moved to a gallon size jar the waiting began! We left for a week long camping trip and when we came back this is what I found:

Wahoo!!! It worked! After posting pictures on facebook and asking my other kombucha brewing friends what they thought, I decided to go ahead and brew my first batch using the larger scoby on top. 

I boiled 3 quarts of tea (12 cups) and added 1 cup of sugar. Then once it was cooled I added the new scoby along with 2 cups of the liquid is was growing in. Then I covered it with a cloth and a rubber-band and set it back in the dark corner of my counter.

After a week I was able to harvest!! 

It was delicious (if you like kombucha), and I felt so accomplished! The whole process was much simpler than I thought and I am so glad I tried it! 

So what do you think, will you be giving it a try?


  1. Wow, Roscoby is looking good! I've got to try this.

  2. Hi. Where do I get the actual Scoby from in order to make the drink?

    1. Hello, I actually grew my own and you can find those instructions in part 1 of this post

      or if you'd rather buy one there are several online retailers, such as Kombucha Kamp or Cultures for Health.

  3. Once you get the hang of this you have to try flavoring the kombucha! We just tried some mango juice (100% juice I found at Walmart), and OH. My. Scoby! It was soooo good. As a matter of fact now my kombucha disappeared faster than ever! Ha, ha.

    We like blueberry, strawberry, grape, mango, blackberry....pretty much all of it..oh and raspberry (that goes really fast too).


    1. We have entered the world of flavoring and MY OH MY! So yummy! So far we really like pineapple. Pomegranate was ok, but mango sounds like it would be delicious! Thanks for the recommendations!